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Expert in specification and use of timber and wood. Strength grading adn identifiactionj of infestatinos. Furniture, flooring, doors, descking, pallets and packaging. Managmeent systems for manaufacture of timber products.

Mr Roger Gilpin

The Wood Shop Ltd

Consultant and expert witness in wood science and timber technology. Site invetigations and in-situ grading  for strength and quality of wood and board-based products, quality of workmanship and compliance with standards

Mr James C Coulson

Technology for Timber Ltd

Registered test labaoratory and expert witness on paints, sealants, adhesives, bitumens, detergents, surficants, inks, rubbers, plastics and packagaing materials. Failures of double glazing units. Skid and slip testing.

Dr C J Chatfield

Chatfield Applied Research Labaoratories Ltd

Chartered Surveyor and expert witness specialising in windows (frames and glazing) and all types of glass used in construction.

Mr Rod Appleyard

Verification Associates

Expert in all uses of flat  glass and glazing

Mr George Linsley

 30 years experience of identifying and assessing physical hazards and human factors issues in very wide spectrum of domestic products and consumer facilities. Over a hundred expert witness reports written for injury claims or trading standards cases on issues including causes of accidents, foreseeable child behaviour, warnings or instructions, diligence in supply chain, risk assessments and product recalls. Reasoned interpretations given of general and specific safety expectations, published standards, safety regulations, European Directives and statutory duties of care. Opinions also given where criminal prosecutions or child care proceedings involve disputed assertions of product involvement in injuries.

Eur Ing Dr Gordon Hayward

GH Associates

Qualified and experienced as an architect (RIBA) and as a carpenter & joiner (City & Guilds).

Mr Christopher Smith

Base 1 Architects