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Registered test labaoratory and expert witness on paints, sealants, adhesives, bitumens, detergents, surficants, inks, rubbers, plastics and packagaing materials. Failures of double glazing units. Skid and slip testing.

Dr C J Chatfield

Chatfield Applied Research Labaoratories Ltd
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Over twenty-five years' experience in the testing and evaluation of coatings, adhesives and sealant performance, both in the field through on-site inspections on a world-wide basis and in our laboratories through testing to British Standard, ISO, ASTM, DIN and other national Specifications. Expert reports are written where litigation is contemplated as a result of a materials failure, and in other chemistry based matters.

We were the first independent United Kingdom laboratories to be accredited in the paints, adhesives and sealants fields, in 1982, and have remained accredited ever since. We are fully accredited to the international laboratory accreditation standard EN ISO/IEC 17025:2000, including for the provision of opinions and interpretations, one of the first four UK laboratories to be accredited for this.


Corrosion prevention and investigation
Cladding materials
Constructional, glazing, road and runway jointing
 Bituminous materials
Printing inks
Plastic and plastic coatings