Product Safety Experts

To be added to the database or to change or remove a current entry in your name, please use the  Form for Safety Expert

Statement of CSEN’s aims, terms and operations.

The CSEN database contains details of a wide range of consultants, expert witnesses and researchers with a high level of knowledge or professional experience relevant to specific aspects of consumer safety issues. In the absence of any single professional body for consumer safety practitioners the site aims to help experts professionally network and to act as a niche directory for potential clients wanting to engage their professional services.

The details currently held may have been obtained from published UK directories or advertisements, business websites or through personal communication.

Currently there is no fee for registration or access and no commission charge for referrals. A free service to experts and potential clients will be maintained as long as administration costs remain low. To keep costs low, experts whose details are already entered in the database are encouraged to register with the site so that (following identity verification) they can update their own entries on-line as far as possible. Experts can upload a portfolio of experience specifically relevant to consumer safety in more detail than in a general CV (eg lists of publications, clients, expert witness cases, standards committee memberships or former employment positions that indicate expertise in particular aspects of consumer safety issues). This information can then be searched by clients looking to engage experts.

Alternatively, listed experts may submit requests for specific amendments to the administrator. This should include any request to delete their entry (eg because the expert has retired or taken full-time employment that prevents undertaking independent work).