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Materials scientist and sports technology consultant specialising in design, construction and testing of synthetic sports and playground surfaces including artificial grass, horse training tracks, tennis courts and atheletics tracks

Dr Paul Hawkins

Consultant/expert witness for toys and hardlines with testing facilities and approved certification body. Chartered Chemist

Mr Philip Bullock


Expertise and  testing on all types of textiles inlcuding furnishings and apparel fabric. Testing of oven gloves and hot water bottles

Mr Ian Strudwick

Shirley Technologies Ltd

Consulting electrical engineer and expert witness accredited to inspect wiring installations and ari conditioning plant. Experience with lightning protection, uninteruptible power supplies and standby generators

Eur Ing Graeme Gaskell

Consultant electrical engineers and expert witnesses on compliance with EMC requirements, and functional safety of products controlled by electronic systems. Design,training and inspection services.

Mr Keith Armstrong

Cherry Clough Consultants

Entemological expertise applied to human health and product testing. Insect identification. Domestic insects. Biting problems. Allergies. Laboratory trials on attractants, repellents, insecticides, powders, aerosols, paints, pre-treated fabrics, and tiles. Invovlement in clinical trials from the point of product concept to the final trial and launch.

Mr Ian F Burgess

Insect Research & Development Limited

Inspection and test engineer and expert witness able to test and certify ladders and steps.

Mr Paul Lessiter

HMS Test & Inspection Unit

Consultants, expert witnesses and testing faciilties for all rubber, plastic & other polymer issues

Ms Helena Vivash (contact)

Smithers RAPRA Technology Ltd