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Our expert witness services include forensic EMC and EMI investigations for legal purposes, including evidence in court cases.

Topics covered:
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
EMC and EMI issues relating to safety
EMC and EMI issues relating to functional safety
EMC and EMI issues relating to reliability
EMC and EMI issues relating to product liability
EMC and EMI issues relating to legal metrology

All areas, e.g. household, commercial, industrial, financial, entertainment, government, vehicular (road, rail, air, marine, space, etc.), communications, etc.


Keith Armstrong of Cherry Clough Consultants is the initiator and chair of the IET’s Working Group on EMC and Functional Safety (see their guide) and is the UK’s appointed expert on the IEC 61000-1-2 (EMC and Functional Safety) and IEC 60601-1-2 (medical EMC) standards committees. Keith is a prime mover in this field, and has been writing and presenting on it all over the world since 2000, including major international symposia such as the IEEE International EMC Symposia and the IEEE International Product Safety Engineering Society Symposium.

Because of our long association with EMC for Functional Safety, and our qualifications above, we are very well placed to help you control this issue in the most cost-effective way, using modern good safety engineering practices to reduce safety risks and exposure to liability claims.


We can provide training, and assistance with design and procedures for ‘EMC for Functional Safety’, for…

Components and modules
Products, appliances, instruments, etc.,
Vehicles (land, rail, sea, air, space, etc.)
Custom designed equipment, machinery, plant
Installations (buildings, campuses, factories, theatres, hospitals: any structure or site)
…of any type, any size, for any application (including safety-critical, nuclear and military).


Mr Keith Armstrong

Cherry Clough Consultants
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