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Health and Safety consultant to leisureand tourism industry and expert witness, whose experience includes Holiday parks Theme Parks, Health and Fitness clubs, Sports centres, Nightclubs, Holiday Hotels, Swimming pools, Entertainment centres, Leisure activities, Play centres, Water sports and activities


Mr Brian Furness

Consultant electrical and lighting engineer with 35 years experience of design and site inspection of lighting of building interiors and exteriors, sports, streets, etc

Mr David Paylor

Consultant Environmental Engineer with particular experience of Legionella,  sick building syndrome and other water-borne diseases in building systems, coolign towers, hotels, cruise ships, swimming , hydrotherapy and whirlpools. 

Mr David Harper

Consulting forensic engineer, with wide ranging expert witness experience, including faults in domestic appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, food processors) Also play areas, slip/tripping and falls from balconies.

Eur Ing Tom Magner


Consulting engineer, accident investigator, expert witness and author on building lifts, escalators, cliff lifts and funicular railways.

Eur Ing David Cooper


Civil engineer who ran a construction/development company for 30 years has aprticular experience as an expert witness in personal injury claims overseas invovling tour companies, eg  arising from slips and trips, stair and balcony falls, swimming pool and galzing related accidents or general building faiults.

Mr David Phillips

Extensive experience of working within the international tour operating industry.   Carried out numerous inspections and audits of hotels and excursions worldwide and dealt with major incidents such as the Indian Ocean tsunami, Caribbean hurricanes, food poisoning outbreaks, cryptosporidium in swimming pools, drownings, coach crashes, hotel fires, outbreaks of legionella and balcony falls. Retail operations, camping and caravan parks, children's clubs. Safety training for staff and managment

Mr Duncan Crutchley-Macleay

Pro Safety International Ltd

Fire prevention cosnutlant and expert witness with particular experience of hotels (UK and abroad), public and heritage buildings.

Mr Stewart Kidd

Loss Prevention Consultancy