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Health & Safety consultant and expert witness with particular experience in advising on safety at holiday parks,  arts venues and other leisure facilities

Ms Jackie Gawen

Chiltern Consulting

Industry consultant and expert witness on control of noise from pop concerts and festvals and compliance with licenced limits

Mr David Trevor-Jones

Vanguardia Consulting

Occupational H&S consultant and former HSE inspector with particular experience of risk assessments and audits for leisure and entertainment faciiltes

Ingrid Siebert

Expert witness and consultant on noise and acoustics in in nightclubs, stadia, recreation and leisure. Licensing,  nuisance and causation of hearing damage.

Mr Ken Dibble

Furnituture technology and testing centre for supply trade, retailers, domestic and commercial purchasers of furniture. Testing faciltes and involvement in standards development in UK and Europe. Expert inspections of furniture, fixtures and fittings. Dispute resolution and litigation work.

FIRA International Ltd