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Consulting engineer, accident investigator, expert witness and author on building lifts, escalators, cliff lifts and funicular railways.

Eur Ing David Cooper

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LECS (UK) Ltd was originally formed in 1990 by David Cooper. Now based in purpose built offices in Eastbourne, we and have engineers strategically located in satellite offices around the UK.


The company is well recognised for its reputation for training and employing only highly qualified, respected and experienced engineers and continues its close alliance with the University of Northampton in promoting this as well as actively supporting the Lift Academy for new engineers and trainees.

LECS (UK) Ltd operates an audited quality assurance system to ISO 9001:2008, having achieved BS5750 quality assurance status in the late 1990’s and gained ISO9001 status in 2005,  and is regularly audited by BSI.
LECS (UK) Ltd has many years experience preparing expert reports in accordance with regulation 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules and also in Criminal cases. We also provide our services in adjudication and arbitration cases.


Our expert witness services have also been called on in overseas situations including Gran Canaria, Dubai, Hong Kong, Spain and Turkey.

Cases involving lifts include:

Investigation into lift which ran away upwards due to brake failure.
Investigation into fatal accident on board a container ship where a crew member fell down the lift shaft.
Investigation into a hydraulic lift which moved with its doors open causing fatal injuries to a passenger.
Investigation into an overspeed governor failure and subsequent safety gear operation causing injury to a passenger.
Investigation into the rapid descent of a lift causing injuries to a
Investigation into a lift overrunning the top floor causing fatal injuries to an engineer.
Investigation into a lift moving with its doors open causing fatal injuries to an engineer.
Investigation into the decapitation of an engineer working under a lift car.
Investigation into a lift colliding with the buffers at rated speed with
occupants in the car.
Investigation into lift engineer falling down a lift shaft.
Investigation into a resident in a hotel falling down a lift shaft following an incorrect hand winding procedure.
Investigation into the failure of hoist ropes and subsequent complete collapse of a passenger lift.
Investigation into a lift losing traction and descending out of control.
Cases involving escalators include

Numerous investigations into falls on escalator.
Investigation into side of step entrapment .
Investigation into falls over sides of escalators.
Investigation into fatality after fall between criss cross escalators.
Investigation into failure of escalator to stop.
Investigation into step pile up accident