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Consulting civil engineer with expertise in constuction site accidents to the general public and pedestrian slip/tripping.

Mr George Mathieson

Consulting forensic engineer and safety specialist. Personal injury accidents in Shops, Fairgrounds, Leisure Centres, Theme Parks. Vehicles

Mr Alan J Alford

Consultant electrical and lighting engineer with 35 years experience of design and site inspection of lighting of building interiors and exteriors, sports, streets, etc

Mr David Paylor

Consulting engineer, accident investigator, expert witness and author on building lifts, escalators, cliff lifts and funicular railways.

Eur Ing David Cooper


Engineering consultant on local authority environmental and public service management. Expert witness experience includes public highways, footpaths, car  parks, toilets, street sweeping and refuse collection.

Eur Ing Roy Fairclough

Chartered highway engineer and expert witness, with particular experience of slipping and tripping  on footpaths and pavements and accidents in ice and snow

Mr Robert A Luck

Designer, consultant and expert witness mechanical engineer with special experience of moving walkways/travelators, escalators, people mover systems and light rapid transit systems, guided vehicles, motorised pedestrian-controlled trolleys and robot handling systems.

Mr Warren S LIster

Listavia Intnl

Consulting electrical and mechanical engineers and expert witnesses whose consumer safety experience includes car wash machines and passenger access gangways at ports

Eur Ing James Davies

Heap & Digby Ltd