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Consultant and EW on concrete, brick and masonry construction materials and their use.

Mr Graham True

Consulting engineer with 30 years experience of powered garage and industrial doors

Mr John Boydell

Consulting forensic engineer, with wide ranging expert witness experience, including faults in domestic appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, food processors) Also play areas, slip/tripping and falls from balconies.

Eur Ing Tom Magner


Chartered builder and interior decorator with experience as expert witness, interior design and structural surveys.

Mr Adrian Barrett

Civil engineer who ran a construction/development company for 30 years has aprticular experience as an expert witness in personal injury claims overseas invovling tour companies, eg  arising from slips and trips, stair and balcony falls, swimming pool and galzing related accidents or general building faiults.

Mr David Phillips

Consultant and expert witness on flooring materials inlcudig wood, parquet, vinyl, resin, ceramic tiles, marble and carpets. Testing and and slip accident investigations.

Mr M Terry Wolfe

Flooring Forensics

Independent curtain wall, cladding, glass and window consultancy and Expert Witness practice that has been providing advice to construction industry professionals, developers and contractors on all matters concerning curtain walling, lightweight cladding, windows and glazing for over 20 years.

Mr Peter Plough

Cladtech Associates

Consultant and expert witness in wood science and timber technology. Site invetigations and in-situ grading  for strength and quality of wood and board-based products, quality of workmanship and compliance with standards

Mr James C Coulson

Technology for Timber Ltd