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Investigative locksmith and expert witness. Access controls and security systems. Extensive experience of vehicle locking systems

Mr Ronald Cliff

Greenford Security Services

Consulting engineer with 30 years experience of powered garage and industrial doors

Mr John Boydell

Fire prevention cosnutlant and expert witness with particular experience of hotels (UK and abroad), public and heritage buildings.

Mr Stewart Kidd

Loss Prevention Consultancy

Expert witness and consultant on consumer electronics products (particularly phones), IT and software. Electrical hazards, malfunction of control systems. Distinguishing manufacturing defects from damage due to misuse.

Mr D A Sykes

IT Group UK Ltd

UKASS accredited inspection body for inspecting elctrical wiring installations and fire alarms in commercial and domestic premises

Mr Ian Marsh

Electrical Contracotrs Association Inspection and Assessment Services

Consultant electrical engineers and expert witnesses on compliance with EMC requirements, and functional safety of products controlled by electronic systems. Design,training and inspection services.

Mr Keith Armstrong

Cherry Clough Consultants