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Technical and safety consultant to importers and retailers of personal care electrical appliances

Mr Alan Cooke

Cooke Technical Services Ltd

Consultant and expert witness on food safety • TV & radio • Public relations spokesperson • Prosecution & defence • Due diligence defence • HACCP • Investigation of food poisoning • Travel-associated illness • Liaison with enforcement officers • Food allergy • Training • Development of training materials • E-learning • Web audits • Food supply chain management • Food safety management systems

Dr Lisa Ackerley

Hygiene Audit Systems Ltd

Compliance consultant and expert witness on chemical and other hazards in toys and range of household products including food, jewellery, cosmetics, stationery, gifts, decorations, table- and cook-ware

Mr Clive Shelton

Advisor and lecturer on toxicological hazards and compliance issues for cosmetics and household chemical substances. Quality auditor for retail supply chain. Chartered Biologist and Chemist. Registered Toxicologist.

Mr Spencer Needs

SGN Consulting

Consultant, trainer and expert witness on safety complaince and standards applying to children's clothing. Quality of supply lines, risk assessment, promotional claims, recall procedures, issues with dyes, flamability,mechanical hazards.

Ms Sue Bolton

Retail food compliance systems. Past chair of British Retail Consortium Food Policy Advisory Group. Food labelling and date code control. Alcohol licencing and underage sales.

Mr Gordon Maddan

Food safety and risk management expert with background in food manaufacturing and 20 years as head of food safety at Sainsbury's. Assessment of management competance, HACCP, quality assurance, treceabilty and due diligence.

Mr Malcolm Kane

Cambridge Food Control

Expert and consultant on complaince of electrical appliances with UK/EU legal requirements and standards. Training for suppliers. Experience of testing a wide range of domestic appliances, recall procedures and children's understanding of warngins on products.

Mr Andrew Gordon

CE Compliance Solutions