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Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner & Visiting Professor


Auditing companies to check legal compliance, improve standards and prove due diligence
Improving food businesses’ scores on the doors ratings so you retain and gain new customers
Designing and delivering food hygiene, food allergy and health and safety training courses
Developing and reviewing food safety management systems (HACCP/food safety policies)
Producing health and safety and fire safety policies and risk assessments
Providing health and safety competent persons for your organisation
Liaising with enforcers, challenging unfair decisions and reducing the effects of legal action
Providing expert reports for courts, solicitors, insurers and to prevent legal action
Collating food suppliers’ data for traceability, recall, allergen content and menu development
Checking supplier approvals/arranging food supplier audits to ensure ingredients are safe
Providing safety and food hygiene advice and support day to day and in emergencies
Investigating food poisoning, food safety complaints and workplace accidents for you
Researching and supplying useful hygiene products such as Fit Wash and Labellord to make legal compliance easier

Media Work (Last three years)

2009 October BBC1 Watchdog: Turkish Holiday Village Report
2009 September BBC1 Watchdog: Turkish Holiday Village Report
2009 March BBC Three Counties Radio: out of date food
2009 March BBC Radio Solent: dishcloths in the home
2009 March BBC Radio 2: Chris Evans, dishcloths in the home
2008 Summer BBC 1 Rogue Restaurants with Matt Allwright and Anita Rani. Resident Food Safety Expert for series of 6 programmes (8 pm)
2008 BBC 1 Watchdog: Cleaning cloths re-visited
2008 GMTV Home Hygiene, demonstration of how germs can spread
2008 Spokesperson for UK Hygiene Council: results of Global Hygiene Study on regional live and pre-recorded radio and various popular magazines and press
2008 BBC 1 Restaurant Raiders – pilot to be screened 2008
2007 BBC 1 Watchdog Fast Food outlets: cleaning cloth microbiological results and usage
2007 (May) Spokesperson for regional radio (live and pre-recorded) for UK Hygiene Council
2007 15 Regional Radio interviews on food safety for UK Hygiene Council
2007 New! Magazine. The Truth about Germs
2007 Shopping the Supermarkets, BBC One, 9.15am, Monday 12 February
Expert Witness Work (Prosecution and defence instructions accepted)

2009 Cases on-going: food poisoning abroad and in the UK
2009 Expert Witness Report for Prosecution: Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 – HACCP and temperature control
2009 Fatal Accident Inquiry, Report and attendance in Court, Paisley. E.coli
2008 Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995. Expert witness report and attendance in court for prosecution of nursery following Salmonella outbreak
2007 Food Hygiene (England) Regs 2006 defence work, prosecution of Public Houses
2006 Food Hygiene (England) Regs 2006 defence work, prosecution of Public Houses, Hygiene Improvement Notices, Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notices
2005 Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 defence work
2002 Emergency Prohibition Notice – expert for the defence
2002 Seizure of unfit food – expert for defence
2002 Expert witness for prosecution (Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995)
2001 Food Poisoning Outbreak in a major hotel – expert report for the defence
2000-2002 Late Night Licence Appeals in Central London
2000/2 Food Safety Act defence work in Licensed Retail Trade
1999 Salmonella outbreak, (criminal) Food Safety Act defence work for clients in Licensed Retail Trade
1999-2000 Defence work and appeal for independent public house (Food Safety Act and Regulations)
1998: E.coli: Crown Witness for Procurator Fiscal, FAI, Scotland
1998: Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 appeal (defence)
1997: E.coli: J Barr & Son (Food Safety Act and Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 defence)
1997: Due diligence report (Food Safety Act prosecution)
1992-7: Various cases involving Salmonella in eggs (Criminal: prosecution, defence. Civil: plaintiff, and defendant)

Dr Lisa Ackerley

Hygiene Audit Systems Ltd
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