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Expert witness and materials lecturer and expert witness specialising in failure of plastic or rubber components, including medical devices, condoms, ladder parts, boots, gloves, battery cases. Food contaimination from plastic components. Analysis of polymers, paints, adhesives and composites. Plastic product design and manufacture.

Dr Peter Rhys Lewis

The Open University

Consulting forensic engineer, with wide ranging expert witness experience, including faults in domestic appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, food processors) Also play areas, slip/tripping and falls from balconies.

Eur Ing Tom Magner


Materials scientist and sports technology consultant specialising in design, construction and testing of synthetic sports and playground surfaces including artificial grass, horse training tracks, tennis courts and atheletics tracks

Dr Paul Hawkins

President of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists

Ms Christine Ohren-Bird


Consulting engineer and expert witness whose fields include the safety of school/educational laboratory  equipment and the restoration and use of classic and vintage motor vehicles

Mr John Thring

Consultants, expert witnesses and testing faciilties for all rubber, plastic & other polymer issues

Ms Helena Vivash (contact)

Smithers RAPRA Technology Ltd

Expert witness and consulant chemist/engineer specialised in designof rubber, polyurethane, elastomers, adhesives and composite material products. Experience in industry, university research and standards.

Prof Claude Hepburn

Furnituture technology and testing centre for supply trade, retailers, domestic and commercial purchasers of furniture. Testing faciltes and involvement in standards development in UK and Europe. Expert inspections of furniture, fixtures and fittings. Dispute resolution and litigation work.

FIRA International Ltd