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Leather testing and leathergoods testing ensures that leather and leathergoods are safe to use, fit for purpose, that they meet product liability, environmental and other legislation, and that they conform to retail performance specifications.

SATRA's leather and leathergoods testing includes a comprehensive service in the analysis and testing of the physical and chemical properties of leather, leathergoods and accessories (including luggage) and includes leather, textile, coated fabric and leatherboard materials.

Use SATRA for the full range of leathergoods testing and luggage testing including:

leathergoods colour fastness to water, perspiration, rubbing and light
leathergoods abrasion resistance and flexing
leathergoods strength, durability, tear and abrasion resistance
leathergoods and accessories strength of handles, straps, attachments, seams, buckles and trims
leathergoods and accessories slide fasteners, touch-and-close fasteners, threads and elastics
leathergoods and accessories corrosion resistance of metal components
leathergoods and accessories restricted substances testing (chemical analysis)
leathergoods and accessories faults, returns and general trouble shooting


SATRA's luggage testing includes a range of specific tests to assess the durability of luggage and briefcases, including snatch and impact drop tests as well as a rolling road test for wheeled luggage.


In all cases, results of tests can be assessed against company specifications or SATRA's own performance guidelines.

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