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Consultant electrical and lighting engineer with 35 years experience of design and site inspection of lighting of building interiors and exteriors, sports, streets, etc

Mr David Paylor

Electromagnetic Surveys Limited provides electric, magnetic and electromagnetic (radio frequency) field strength and power measurement for ICNIRP Guideline based Compliance Assessments as required by new Health & Safety legislation.  Similar assessments are also carried out to ensure working environments are safe for those with cardiac implants.

These fields are also known as EMFs or non-ionising radiation.  They are created by 'natural' and 'man-made' sources.  From lightning storms to mobile phones, overhead lines, substations, electrical machinery and appliances.

Mr Garry Homer

Electromagnetic Surveys Ltd

Expert witness and consultant on consumer electronics products (particularly phones), IT and software. Electrical hazards, malfunction of control systems. Distinguishing manufacturing defects from damage due to misuse.

Mr D A Sykes

IT Group UK Ltd

Electrical Engineering expert  on motors in (inlcuding domestic appliances, elctric vehicles, power tools, saws, pumps, fans) and generators (inlcuding wind generators). Batteries, permanent magnets and electromagnets. Vehicle electrical equipment.

Mr A E Corbett

Expert witness and consultant who is an  electrical engineer with 40 years experience in safety of doemstic and commercial  installations. Civl and criminal cases and TV work.

Mr Roger W Smart

RWS Consulting

Consultant electrical engineers and expert witnesses on compliance with EMC requirements, and functional safety of products controlled by electronic systems. Design,training and inspection services.

Mr Keith Armstrong

Cherry Clough Consultants

Consulting electrical and mechanical engineers and expert witnesses whose consumer safety experience includes car wash machines and passenger access gangways at ports

Eur Ing James Davies

Heap & Digby Ltd