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Expert witness and materials lecturer and expert witness specialising in failure of plastic or rubber components, including medical devices, condoms, ladder parts, boots, gloves, battery cases. Food contaimination from plastic components. Analysis of polymers, paints, adhesives and composites. Plastic product design and manufacture.

Dr Peter Rhys Lewis

The Open University

Footwear safety consultant with laboratory test facilities

Mr Mark Southam


Consultant footwear technologist with 40 year experience of quality and safety issues in shoes and their manufacture. Training courses for manufacturers. Testing when required. Expert witness reports in commercial disputes and injury claims involving shoe defects.

Mr Frank Jones

Noble Footwear

Local and global capability for quality assurance and compliance services for a range of products including  Textiles, Footwear, Toys, Nursery Products, Electrical Products, Furniture, Bikes, Premiums and Lighters.
Services include product testing, consultancy, social audits, factory assessment, inspections, ecodesign and training.

Bureau Veritas