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Consultant footwear technologist with 40 year experience of quality and safety issues in shoes and their manufacture. Training courses for manufacturers. Testing when required. Expert witness reports in commercial disputes and injury claims involving shoe defects.

Mr Frank Jones

Noble Footwear
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Noble Footwear provides advice, shoe making training and shoe making courses on all aspects of the technology of shoe making, including: -

direct consultancy

intensive shoe making training courses

producing and selling books on the technology of shoe making

providing expert witness support in trade and customer disputes
Noble Footwear is headed by Frank Jones, who has been in the footwear business for over 40 years. Starting out in shoe repair and hand shoemaking, he moved into shoe manufacturing some ten years later. His career has included working at SATRA, the world renowned footwear research organisation, working in a major shoe manufacturing company in Kenya, as well as doing footwear consultancy work in South Africa, Canada, France, New Zealand and USA. Prior to setting up Noble Footwear in 1996, he was Head of Footwear at Accrington and Rossendale College in England.

People in the footwear business tend to be specialists. Often they have spent most of their career in perhaps men's welted shoes or ladies' high fashion footwear. Others are experts on rubber/moulding technology of soles, patterns and design, or lasts and fit. It is unusual to find somebody like Frank Jones, who is a broad-based footwear technologist.

Work is carried out regularly in the UK and USA. Other assignments have included Poland, Slovenia, Jamaica, Korea, China, Egypt and India.