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Expert witness and materials lecturer and expert witness specialising in failure of plastic or rubber components, including medical devices, condoms, ladder parts, boots, gloves, battery cases. Food contaimination from plastic components. Analysis of polymers, paints, adhesives and composites. Plastic product design and manufacture.

Dr Peter Rhys Lewis

The Open University

Textile quality and flammability test technologist, with experience as expert witness in safety of candles and oil/candle burners, and indoor fireworks. Also in-situ testing and type approval of goal posts

Mr Alan Mark Ross

High Street Textile Testing Services Ltd

Clothing flammability consultant and expert witness. On-body flame-testing facilities. Roller boot testing. Chief executive of SATRA

Mr Austin Simmons


President of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists

Ms Christine Ohren-Bird


Consultant and Expert Witness on quality and performance issues of textiles, ;clothing, carpets, domestic furnishings and uphostery (including leather)

Mr Mike Sudnik

M S Associates

Consultant, trainer and expert witness on safety complaince and standards applying to children's clothing. Quality of supply lines, risk assessment, promotional claims, recall procedures, issues with dyes, flamability,mechanical hazards.

Ms Sue Bolton

Expertise and  testing on all types of textiles inlcuding furnishings and apparel fabric. Testing of oven gloves and hot water bottles

Mr Ian Strudwick

Shirley Technologies Ltd

Consultant and expert witness with 40 years experience in manufacture and technology of textiles (yarn, fabric and garments), including development of textile-based medical implants.

Dr Julian G Ellis

Ellis Developments Ltd