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Accident investigation expert witness, specialising in off-road vehicles, motor cycle scrambling, ATV trikes, quad bikes and jet skis, including training, regulation and use.

Mr Colin Arthur Jenner

Combined Managment Services

Outdoor Activity Centre manager and expert witness on safety of ski equipment or instruction (Nordic, Telemark or Alpine), white water rafting and other adventure or water sports.

Mr Tim Davis

Troll Mountain

Explosives consultant and expert witness. Firework display accidents. Demolition. Pyrotechinic effects in film, TV and reenactments. Also scuba diving training expertise.

Mr Stephen Miller

Swimming pool consultant and expert witness. Architect specialising in the design of leisure pool buildings and equipment (inlcuding  slides and water treatment). Member of BS and European standards committees. Many published guidance and academic papers. Consultant to national sports bodies.Qualified sub-aqua diver. Expert witness in personal injury and constructions defect cases.

Mr Malcolm S Graham

Consultant and expert witness on skiing injuries and design of ski centres. Former director of coaching to sport governing body.

Mr John Sheddon


Expert and consultant on rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing and hill walking, safety management in outdoor activities.

Mr Robert David Barton

Adventure Activity Associates Ltd

Expert witness and consultant on recreational and commercail diving accidents, novice and staff training

Mr Mike Morgan

PDC Diving Accident Analysis & Consultancy

Parachute advanced instructor and expert witness

Mr Douglas Peacock

Parachute Training Services