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Expert on design, construction, standards and testing of paving segments and pre-cast concrete products, and dealing with issues pedestrian slips and trips on footways and precincts.  

Dr Allan J Dowson

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Dr Allan Dowson began his career in 1956, working for the British Precast Concrete Federation at their laboratories located at the Cement and Concrete Association at Wexham Springs, Stoke Poges. Among the research areas were the developments of waterproof cements, freeze thaw testing, crazing of Cast Stone and the development of the ISAT test method.

After eight years, he was appointed as Head of Technical Research and Development with Marshalls PLC, the largest producer of these products in the UK, a position held for 36 years. During this time he was responsible for all quality aspects of concrete products, the development of new products, including the introduction of concrete block paving and vehicle over-run flags and the technical advice given to all customers, both private and commercial, for the complete range of the company's products. He specialised in concrete block paving and paving flag design, construction and maintenance.

Throughout this period he was involved with several national working parties related to concrete block paving and paving flags. He was President of the British Precast Concrete Federation, Chairman of Interpave Main Committee and Technical Committee, National Paving and Kerb Association and a member of The Stone Federation Technical Committee, Concrete Society Technical Executive Committee and Chairman of the Joint Concrete and Clay Industry Committee.

Currently a member of B507 Precast Concrete, Stone and Clay Products, Chairman of B507/1 Precast concrete products, Chairman of B507/2 Natural Stone, Secretary to B507/4 Slip/skid group and B507/5 Tactile paving. He is currently responsible for writing standards on concrete block paving, concrete flags and natural stone. He is recognised nationally and internationally as the UK expert on European Committees CEN 178 (main committee), CEN 178/WG1 Concrete products, TC 178/WG2 Natural Stone, TC 178/WG4 Slip/Skid Group and is the Chairman of TC178/WG5 -Tactile paving committee. He was a member of TC 229/WG3/TG4 Linear Drainage and the European Standards committee for Pigments.
He was admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy , at Newcastle University, researching construction methods and laying course and jointing sands for use in block paving construction.

In September 2001, he established 'Allan Dowson Consulting' to provide a service to producers and users in all aspects of design, construction and maintenance of precast, clay and natural stone pavements. He is also a Consultant to Interpave and a Visiting Industrial Lecturer at the University of Leeds, where he lectures on concrete block paving to MSc students.

He has presented over forty five papers at different international conferences, covering mix design, construction methods, materials and product standards, pigmentation, development of urban areas, designing for the disabled, bedding sand quality, maintenance to slid skid properties.

Currently a Consultant to the Concrete and Stone Industry, involved in site investigations, product development, organising workshops and training programmes, mix designs as well as pavement design.