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Consultant electrical and lighting engineer with 35 years experience of design and site inspection of lighting of building interiors and exteriors, sports, streets, etc

Mr David Paylor

Consulting electrical engineer and expert witness accredited to inspect wiring installations and ari conditioning plant. Experience with lightning protection, uninteruptible power supplies and standby generators

Eur Ing Graeme Gaskell

Electrical Engineering expert  on motors in (inlcuding domestic appliances, elctric vehicles, power tools, saws, pumps, fans) and generators (inlcuding wind generators). Batteries, permanent magnets and electromagnets. Vehicle electrical equipment.

Mr A E Corbett

UKASS accredited inspection body for inspecting elctrical wiring installations and fire alarms in commercial and domestic premises

Mr Ian Marsh

Electrical Contracotrs Association Inspection and Assessment Services

Expert witness and consultant who is an  electrical engineer with 40 years experience in safety of doemstic and commercial  installations. Civl and criminal cases and TV work.

Mr Roger W Smart

RWS Consulting