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Consulting civil engineer with expertise in constuction site accidents to the general public and pedestrian slip/tripping.

Mr George Mathieson

Accident investigation expert witness, specialising in off-road vehicles, motor cycle scrambling, ATV trikes, quad bikes and jet skis, including training, regulation and use.

Mr Colin Arthur Jenner

Combined Managment Services

Engineering consultant on local authority environmental and public service management. Expert witness experience includes public highways, footpaths, car  parks, toilets, street sweeping and refuse collection.

Eur Ing Roy Fairclough

Chartered highway engineer and expert witness, with particular experience of slipping and tripping  on footpaths and pavements and accidents in ice and snow

Mr Robert A Luck

Consultants and expert witnesses on hazard assessment of trees in domestic gardens and public parks and spaces

Mr Andrew Sherlock

Barrell Tree Consultancy

Chartered Safety practitioner and expert witness specialising in planning anad managemnt of safety for outdoor events and shows, leisure and farm parks and equestrian establishments

Mr Ray Hipkin