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Health and Safety consultant to leisureand tourism industry and expert witness, whose experience includes Holiday parks Theme Parks, Health and Fitness clubs, Sports centres, Nightclubs, Holiday Hotels, Swimming pools, Entertainment centres, Leisure activities, Play centres, Water sports and activities


Mr Brian Furness

Fire prevention cosnutlant and expert witness with particular experience of hotels (UK and abroad), public and heritage buildings.

Mr Stewart Kidd

Loss Prevention Consultancy

Health & Safety consultant and expert witness with particular experience in advising on safety at holiday parks,  arts venues and other leisure facilities

Ms Jackie Gawen

Chiltern Consulting

Consultants and expert witnesses on hazard assessment of trees in domestic gardens and public parks and spaces

Mr Andrew Sherlock

Barrell Tree Consultancy

Occupational H&S consultant and former HSE inspector with particular experience of risk assessments and audits for leisure and entertainment faciiltes

Ingrid Siebert

Expert witness and consultant on noise and acoustics in in nightclubs, stadia, recreation and leisure. Licensing,  nuisance and causation of hearing damage.

Mr Ken Dibble

Noise consultant and expert witness with experience of hearing damage assessments and licencing of public entertainment and pop fesitvals

Mr Alan Saunders

Consulting electrical and mechanical engineers and expert witnesses whose consumer safety experience includes car wash machines and passenger access gangways at ports

Eur Ing James Davies

Heap & Digby Ltd