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Expert witness and materials lecturer and expert witness specialising in failure of plastic or rubber components, including medical devices, condoms, ladder parts, boots, gloves, battery cases. Food contaimination from plastic components. Analysis of polymers, paints, adhesives and composites. Plastic product design and manufacture.

Dr Peter Rhys Lewis

The Open University

Glass technologist, chemist and expert in  forensic examination and fracture examination of broken glass  jars, bottles, vases and other food and domestic containers, and in identifying origin or glass fragments in food. Assessment of glass quality. Access to approved tst laboratory.

Mr Marcus Brew

Brew Technology & Training Ltd

Chartered mechanical engineer with career in design and developement of industrial equipment. Twenty years experience as an expert witness in injury liability and criminal cases including a variety of consumer hardwear products, particulalry cycles, ladders,  powered tools and machinery.

Mr Paul Thorneycroft