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Professor of Risk Management, and expert witness specialising in public safety policy in relation to environmental effects and acceptable levels of risk in playgrounds, sport and leisure facilities including water slides.

Prof David John Ball

Risk Assessment & Management Associates Ltd

Consultant Environmental Engineer with particular experience of Legionella,  sick building syndrome and other water-borne diseases in building systems, coolign towers, hotels, cruise ships, swimming , hydrotherapy and whirlpools. 

Mr David Harper

Engineering consultant on local authority environmental and public service management. Expert witness experience includes public highways, footpaths, car  parks, toilets, street sweeping and refuse collection.

Eur Ing Roy Fairclough

Expert witenss in personal injuries and technical disputes invovling swimming pools, flumes, diving accidents, filtraion. Formerly Chairman of Anglian Pools, ivovled in writing infdustry standards  and papers for Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers. 

Mr John T Wilkins

Occupational H&S consultant and former HSE inspector with particular experience of risk assessments and audits for leisure and entertainment faciiltes

Ingrid Siebert

Noise consultant and expert witness with experience of hearing damage assessments and licencing of public entertainment and pop fesitvals

Mr Alan Saunders

Human factors and engineering consultancy specialising in solving safety problems for  suppliers of consumer goods arising from specific complaints or compliance with regulations and standards for a very broad range of products. Particular experience in General Product Safety legal requirements, physical hazards, risk assessments. adequacy of warnings and instructions, foreseeable behaviour of children and safety expectations of consumers in general.

Research undertaken for suppliers, standards bodies, enforcement agencies or government bodies into consumer accident data sources, causes, patterns and prevention or test methods.

Consumer Risk Limited