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Consultant in PE, sport & play from nursery to adult. Construction, positioning and operation of PE apparatus and sports equipment. Fitness training with/out supervision. Indoor play areas, trampoline, swimming pool (local authority, private or schools). Coaching team sports and individuals.

Mr A John Severs

Animal and countryside consultant and expert witness. Horse and stable management for hunting, stud and racing. Riding accidents. Sporting shotguns and accidents. Breeding and keeping dogs. Attacks by dogs. Biology and ecology of British wildlife.

Most Rev Prof Barry Peachey

Consultant and expert witness on physical education teaching, sports coaching, leisure management and facilty construction.

Mr Andrew John Petherick

RAE Sport & Leisure Consultants

Teaching all sports over full age range. Athletics, swimming, martial arts, rugby in schools, colleges and public services. Playgrounds and soft play areas. Trampolining

Mr Geoffrey Morton Edmonson

Association for Physical Education Sport & Play