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Expert on companion animals and pets in human housing.

Dr Elizabeth Anne McBride

University of Southampton

Expert in bird-human conflict issues and all matters related to wild or captive birds.

Mr Peter Robinson

Entemological expertise applied to human health and product testing. Insect identification. Domestic insects. Biting problems. Allergies. Laboratory trials on attractants, repellents, insecticides, powders, aerosols, paints, pre-treated fabrics, and tiles. Invovlement in clinical trials from the point of product concept to the final trial and launch.

Mr Ian F Burgess

Insect Research & Development Limited

Animal and countryside consultant and expert witness. Horse and stable management for hunting, stud and racing. Riding accidents. Sporting shotguns and accidents. Breeding and keeping dogs. Attacks by dogs. Biology and ecology of British wildlife.

Most Rev Prof Barry Peachey