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The Medical Entomology Centre was founded in 1984 as a centre of excellence for research and product testing against insects and other arthropods of medical and public health importance.

The Medical Entomology Centre is a research based organisation with extensive experience in laboratory studies for clients ranging from small individual companies to large international pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.
We have numerous insects in long established cultures including:

Lice, Cockroaches, House dust mites, Fleas, Flies, Ants, Mosquitoes, Bed bugs, Assassin bugs.

Our research work includes laboratory trials on attractants, repellents, insecticides, powders, aerosols, paints, pre-treated fabrics, and tiles. We are also involved in clinical trials from the point of product concept to the final trial and launch.

Insect R&D Limited offers custom designed protocols for all clients with advice and guidance on suitable product application, formulation vehicle, product improvement, dose levels, and market areas.

Mr Ian F Burgess

Insect Research & Development Limited
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