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Only as much input as you want


The Consumer Risk Limited business model allows product suppliers and public agencies to obtain only as much (or as little) input from  outside experts as is needed to help the in-house staff deal with a particular problem arsing at a particular time. We respond to your problems and needs by suggesting the most appropriate expert to contact for an exploratory discussion. If they are suitable you can then engage that person at an hourly or daily rate. For projects needing more resources we may put together a small team, a work plan and a quoted a price for delivering a report, a training session or a design solution - as required.

The people who know most about the safety of a product should be those working in its supply chain (in design manufacture, import, commercial procurement or retail quality control). Independent consultants are no substitute for  an in-house executuve who beomes the expert on every aspect of safety of a product by keeping up with relevant legislation, standards, sector developments and customer complaints - as well as quality monitoring and risk assessment of new designs.

However, there will be occassions when the in-hous e all-rounder needs the support of a second opinion, or advice based on broader experience of the hazards that products (or their users) can pose, the design of instructions and warnings, the  interpretation of standards, application of the laws on product liability, dealing with trading standards or deciding when it is necessary to withdraw or recall products found to have safety defects.

Similarly, staff in public agencies such as local authority trading  standards cannot be experts on every safety aspect of every type of product (especially the  less precisely expressed duties on suppliers under the General Product Safety Regulations). We have experts who can offer a range of cost-effective inputs from ad-hoc screening opinions (to avoid waste of your staff resources) through to training sessions on specialised products or safety issues.

We do not have extensive permanent staff to keep in work or test facilities to maintain, so you will not be pressured to form a long-term or exclusive consulting relationship.  Instead we can call on a broad range of freelance consultants (many of whom also practice as expert witnesses) each very experienced in a field of work of relevence to the safety of some products.  Alternatively we may direct you to the independent experts and test laboratories that have the most experience of a particular type of product, hazard control solution or testing technique. However for complex issues we can put together and co-ordinate an ad-hoc team of freelance experts to deliver a comprehensive solution to a particular safety problem.

Contact us to discuss what expert input you are looking for.

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