Typical questions from product suppliers

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What regulations and standards apply to my products?

How much laboratory testing is necessary?   

What does “safe” mean when there is no standard? 

Are the instructions and warnings  adequate?

Is misuse foreseeable?

What precautions is it reasonable to expect consumers to take? 

What safety training is available for my product sector?

Do I need to notify Trading Standards of this defect?

Do I need to recall possibly defective products that have already been sold or just withdraw stocks from sale?

What is due diligence?

Consumer Risk Limited can provide designers, manufacturers, importers, retailers, underwriters, etc with answers that avoid claims for personal injury, costly recalls of defective products or the impact on brand reputation of prosecutions under safety legislation.

Expertise can be provided in identifying hazardous features, analysing the factors leading to injuries, assessing risks and advising on prevention or corrective intervention after products have been placed on the market. Our particular strengths are consumer ergonomics, product information, mechanical design features, and hazard assessment, but we supplement this through a network of independent specialist experts and test facilities when necessary.

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